YCS launches Catholic response to the Pandemic


We're a Catholic youth movement run by students, for students

We challenge young people to take direct action on issues they're facing - no matter how big or small.

YCS offers a unique opportunity for students to lead discussions on what they are most passionate about. Centred around our Catholic faith, the Review of Life means high school students can apply Bible teachings to their own modern day realities and explore how faith applies to them - "what would Jesus do in these situations?".

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YCS to me is an opportunity for students to join and have their voice heard. It's a great place where you can express your opinions and student reality.
- Sisilina from Adelaide

Young people have a tremendous opportunity to enact change and build a positive future.

The YCS method, the Review of Life allows students to stop, think, and reflect on what is happening in their life and the world around them, and to discuss their faith in a supportive environment. Broken down into three sections, students can SEE exactly what the situation is, JUDGE it according to what they believe and what their Catholic faith says, and ACT upon the issue.

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We're Australia wide!

The movement has been operating in Australia since 1942 and is open to all high school students. You can engage with YCS in a variety of ways – whether that’s by joining a school or parish group, starting your own YCS group, attending our retreats and camps, or helping with our actions.

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We understand that everyone’s student reality is different, and we support open, non-judgemental dialogue. YCS as a movement is student run, allowing students to be the agents of change. Based in over 80 countries, YCS develops lifelong Christian leaders, and are supported by a large network of peers, adult volunteers, and paid workers.

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