Bundaberg YCS Takes Action on Single Use Plastic Bags

Shalom College Bundaberg have taken exciting steps towards a more eco-minded school, thanks to the work of their YCS group.

Working through the trademark YCS method of ‘See, Judge & Act,’ the group spent semester one discussing the topic of the environment. With the oncoming introduction of the Queensland Single Use Plastic Bag Ban, we could see clear issues even within our own community about the lack of awareness surrounding single-use plastic and the switch to reusable alternatives. After much discussion, the idea for a reusable bag initiative was sparked. To engage our wider student body, a design competition was run and the beautiful winning design has now been printed on 500 of our very own Shalom ‘enviro bags’ and are being sold throughout the school and wider community. This project has proven to our YCS group that although a project like this may take a bit of hard work, the end result is incredibly gratifying; just to know we are recognising issues around us and working together to make a difference!

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