COVID-19 Information: 8 April 2020

We would like to take this opportunity to clarify what the unfolding COVID-19 virus means for YCS and provide you with relevant information.


At this stage we are advising that all YCS meetings are to occur digitally (via video chat), rather than in person. The close nature and often large numbers of attendees in YCS groups means physical distancing just isn't possible. The health and well-being of yourself and those around you is the highest priority. 

We have already seen YCS groups adapt to the ever-changing circumstances and are proud of the quick creativity from the students in our movement.

Although the meetings may not look like what they usually do, we encourage groups to continue with Reviews of Life and to take action on the issues that are of the most importance to them (they may likely be COVID-19 related).

A quick tip for students/adults: if your school uses Google Apps online, you can easily set up a video chat meeting by heading to


Students, we understand that school environments often operate like their own little worlds and it can be difficult to comprehend exactly how COVID-19 is impacting Australia and the rest of the world. Almost every industry has been affected by the virus, with retail and entertainment grinding to a halt, healthcare and essential services having to adapt on the fly to growing demands, and the government and financial institutions having to respond to mass waves of unemployment. 

For most of us healthy individuals, if we were to catch COVID-19, we would experience mild symptoms and recover within a few weeks. Despite us remaining healthy, the real risk is those we come into contact with, especially the elderly and immunocompromised. You may be tired of seeing and hearing messages about washing your hands regularly and covering your face when you cough/sneeze, however, we cannot emphasise enough just how important this health advice is. 

YCS students, their families and adults involved in the movement (eg. AA's) are often leaders in their schools and communities, so we strongly encourage you to lead by example. To stay informed, we recommend that you only refer to credible sources, primarily: 


We thank all the essential workers who are dealing with COVID-19 and the impacts on a daily basis, and encourage you to continue praying for their health and well-being.

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