Our Method: The Review of Life

The Review of Life (ROL) is the ‘See, Judge, Act’ method by which groups take action in their lives. Cardijn teaches us to use the Review of Life in everyday situations and thus, integrating faith into our lives.

The ROL is made up by three sections with questions to guide students in meaningful and positive conversations that cover all important steps in making a positive and meaningful action. The questions are not restrictive, elaborations of these as well as other questions within the group that help to deepen the discussion are encouraged to complete the Review.


The SEE Section is about examining and uncovering more about a desired issue that an individual or group would like to discuss.

  1. What exactly happened? What was your action in response? (the facts)
  2. What caused this to happen and why? (the causes)
  3. How were people affected? (the consequences)


The JUDGE Section is about applying our faith and beliefs to the situation and developing an idea about what we are called to do.

  1. What do you think about this?
  2. What does your faith say about this situation? What would Jesus do here?
  3. What should be happening? (the ideal situation)


The ACT Section is about deciding what we can do as a group to take collective action to improve the issue.

  1. What exactly do you want to change or see happen in this situation? (Long term aim)
  2. What action could you take this week that would be a worthwhile step towards achieving this change? (Short term action)
  3. Who else could you involve in your action?

Remember, it is not a true Review of Life unless the actions are carried out!  

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