Our Vision for the World

This vision was written by YCS students at the 2008 National Conference. It describes the way we want the world to be in the future and it reminds us that all our small actions are working towards the greater vision of building the Kingdom of God.

The Australian Young Christian Students’ movement recognises that the world is not as it should be. As students, we know we have a role to play in rectifying the injustices, inequalities and problems of the world.

We view education as being vital. Ignorance, apathy and even poverty, can be eradicated by holistic education. Every human will be educated in a manner which is empowering and enriching.

We acknowledge the detrimental effect various prejudices have on individuals around the world. Bullying, racism and the divide between the wealthy and the poor are not conducive to bringing about the Kingdom of God. We will overcome these issues via action, taken by students in a connected international movement.

We respect the indigenous cultures of the world, and the contribution they have made to our shared history and will continue to make to our development. We are aware of the suffering caused by displacement, and will work to ensure equality and justice for all people.

We will value the importance of the environment. We see that its preservation is essential for our future; it is God’s gift for us to nurture and protect.

Students around the world will be comfortable with their individuality and accept and value their differences. We will be able to recognise the fact that we are created in God’s image.

Students will be able to live in supportive and harmonious families, free from the burden of domestic violence and broken homes.

It is the Light of Christ, which will shine through each of our actions, to bring about God’s Kingdom.

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