Self Happiness Actions at St Anthony's Catholic College

In term 3, YCS at St Anthony's Catholic College chose to do a Review of Life on self-health and self-worth.

During the review, the group discussed their mental well being and how they could take action - encouraging happiness amongst themselves and the wider school community.


Inspired by the R U Ok movement, the students wanted to create their own campaign. The campaign contained multiple small actions, including:

  1. Working with the school band, and having them perform uplifting songs at assembly - raising the spirits and energy of the entire school.
  2. Distributing “Am I Ok” papers to homerooms throughout the school. Students wrote down things that made them happy, which served as a reminder that, whilst we face challenges in life that may get us down, there are always things that can keep us going.
  3. Following on from the smaller papers,  the group created a community “Am I Ok” poster board, where students and teachers contributed comments about what makes them happy - visible to everyone.


It was exciting to see the students, teachers and the band get involved - the school community definitely had a cheerful mood throughout the action.

Article by David King

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