Townsville July Review Camp - Suicide

What a busy weekend we had! It was an action packed 3 days, with the students participating in a variety of fun physical activities (including capture the flag, soccer, and spotlight) and engaging in the Review of Life.

There were quite a few new faces to the camp – with this camp being the first YCS event many of the students have attended outside of their local groups (and for some, this was the first time they had heard of YCS!). A big pat on the back to all of the students for fostering a welcoming and comfortable environment, by the end of the weekend you wouldn’t have even known that some of the students only just met!

The students were full of ideas for this camp’s Review of Life, and settled on “Suicide” as the issue they wanted to tackle. As you can imagine, it’s quite a heavy/loaded topic – however our conversations directed students to discuss, “why do we think people are committing suicide?” and “what do we think about this situation?”. They identified that, whilst there are plenty of help services available that actually work (and they’re quite well advertised) – not everyone seeks the help they need, in fear that seeking help may be seen as weak and/or they don’t believe the help services will actually make a difference.

The students have set their hopes high and have eager plans to challenge the stigma associated with getting help. They hope to partner with organisations to run an event that not only brings people together socially, but actively raises awareness around the benefits of seeking help.


If you, your children, or anyone you know may need help, remember that there are a variety of organisations available, including:

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