Review of Life Workshop at Year 10 Retreat

Townsville workers, Jason & Monica recently had the opportunity to run a Review of Life session at Ryan Catholic College’s Year 10 retreat in the last week of Term 2. They engaged two groups of around 70 to 80 students, guiding them through the See, Judge, Act process. For the majority of them, this was their first time participating in a Review of Life - and they did extremely well!

It was exciting to see the enthusiasm from the students, and the broad range of issues they were choosing to review. We encouraged them to think locally - what’s happening in your life, or in the world around you (friends, family, etc)? Groups of 4 to 6 tackled issues such as obesity amongst peers, theft, litter at school, and unemployment. Each group devised an action plan to help combat these issues - and we can’t wait to see how they go!

A big thanks to Anita Livingston for allowing us to run the session, and to Catherine Whittaker for helping facilitate the small group discussions.

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