YCS Attends Cafe Conversations Series

Townsville YCS members both present and past gathered on the 24th of April to take part in the Townsville Catholic Diocese’s Cafe Conversations series.

Townsville Worker, Jason recalls the night.

We started the night with a pizza dinner at the House of Prayer, where members new and old were able to mingle and meet new faces – it was a lot of fun! We then crossed the road to the Mater Conference Centre, ready to participate in a Review of Life with the wider community.

The Cafe Conversation series focuses on unpacking the current Australian Catholic Bishop’s Social Justice Statement, titled “Everyone’s Business”. The social justice statement provides insights into developing an inclusive and sustainable economy, an issue which we’re able to discuss using the See-Judge-Act method. Breaking up into small groups with a mixture of students and community members, we were able to share personal stories and listen to each other’s experiences with economic inequalities. Guest speaker, Lachlan Dent was also able to share his knowledge, as a member of Saint Vincent de Paul’s Youth Conference – having dealt directly with children affected by a variety of different injustices (including economic instability). After referring to scripture, discussing our faith and what should be happening – each community member left the event with a personal action. These ranged from small actions such as reading “Everyone’s Business” in full, to people taking part in union protests.

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